Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Kyra

Kyra wanted a rocket cake this year I am not sure why, but I did my best to make what she wanted. At first she told me 'that is not a rocket', but in the end she told me it was spectacular!
We went to Leos Place for dinner and some fun!

Kyra got the  5 off her rocket!

Everyone enjoyed cake and ice cream.

Kyra was excited to get to open her presents she and been waiting all day for this moment.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Enjoying Our Heavenly Fathers Creations

Beautiful fall colors.

Trying to get some cute pictures and they are just wanting to be silly.

Mom and her beautiful girls.

Graysen finally got out of his backpack and was excited to explore and play in the water.

Graysen playing in the dirt with his stick.

Kyra wanted a ride and dad gave her one because she was almost the Birthday Girl!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Poor Baby!

Graysen was so sick all he wanted was to be held all day. when the kids all went outside he decided he would like to go also. I went out and rocked him until he decided he wanted down. I let him down and he  laid down on the cement. it was so sad to see him just lay there but it made for a really cute picture! sure do hate when the kids are sick except that they are so snugly.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Best Bubble Bath Ever!

I put the kids in the bath.They begged and begged to have the jets on. I decided i might as well let them. while the water finished filling I washed there hair. when the jets turned on they were very excited to see the bubbles. I needed to get Graysen diaper changed and that led to a few other things. the girls were playing and having lots of fun with the jets on.  All of the sudden Kyra yells mom I am ready to get out! She sounded a  little desperate so I came running! I was shocked  to see all those bubbles! i wanted to yell and knew that wouldn't help the situation instead i turned the jets off, laughed, and ran to get the camera! This will be a bubble bath to remember!bubbles were everywhere.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sitting On The Edge.

Graysen has learned he does not like to go down stairs because when he has it has been tumbling down so now he will go the edge of the stairs or doorway  and scoot as close to the edge as he can. Here he is watching his sisters play outside.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Helping Dad Get Dirt.


The girls wanted to make snowflakes. They did a great job. They decided to hang them up in their room.
If you look closely they found and used a bottle of Elmer glue where did they find the glue?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Mom made smoothies for breakfast and the kids decided it was nice enough to eat them out side

Graysen is excited to be outside hanging out with his sister!

The girls sharing their smoothie with Graysen.

Graysen helping himself to Kyra's  smoothie.


Saturday, April 28, 2012


We thought we would go down the road to Bear World and check it out.
They have a portion of the park that you drive through and look at all the wildlife.
They have just a few Bison, a bunch of caribou, some deer, mountain goats, petting zoo, 
and of course bears. Lots of bears it was pretty cool.  The other part of the has rides for the kids.

                                           The cubs were fun to watch wrestle and play
We got to pet baby bears

Graysen on the ride with mom. We ended up not getting to go on this ride because our  safety belt wouldn't latch. 

Wild animals

More wild animals

not very often you see a peacock with it feathers fanned out.

One of the coolest things is we got really close to the moose
We went on half price day so it would be cheaper, but spent a bunch on this beautiful souvenir.  Ethan slipped getting on the roller coaster and was all strapped in and ready to ride, but the ranger lady thought he was bleeding too much.  I got him off the ride and took him to the bathroom to clean him up. He wasn't cry at all, but he really wanted back on the ride.  After I got him cleaned up I muttered under my breath 'looks like stitches'. Ethan heard and thats when the drama began.  He basically wanted to sit down and take a nap then he was too hot, anything to stop the trip to the doctor.  We finally got him in the car.  By this point there was no more blood so we thought we would drive around the park and look at the animals on more time.  Then we dropped the other kids off at the neighbors and took Ethan to the doctor.  I couldn't get him out of the car for a few minutes he said I am just going to run away from you. Which he did first to the back of the van then to the side. Finally got him inside and calmed down after moving in to a normal kid friendly room with cars painted on the wall  and the wound numbed.  He was actually being really good by this point. The room where the stitches were preformed really freaked him out.  So we had to make a human burrito out of Ethan.  The doctor put Ethan arms behind him in a pillow case then we warped him up in a sheet.  The the doctor put the stitches in. to help Ethan keep his mind of of things we did math problems which he got all correct and was only a little frustrated when adding three numbers together.  What do you expect he is the son of an Engineer?
five stitches this picture looks really good. 
Ethan eating his reward (Rainbow sherbet)his very own carton.